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    Help, can anyone recommend fragrance oils from UK suppliers which behave themselves in CP soap?

    I've recently taken up cold process soap making. Had always fancied trying it but it looked so dangerous! Kicked off with Kirstie Allsopp's kit which worked a treat, so splashed out on all the gear. Next tried an on-line recipe scented (and coloured) with sweet orange essential oil which also gave me fantastic results. So, full of confidence after only two attempts, I decided to try some advanced colouring techniques using fragrance oil. Those of you who have a few more batches under your belt can no doubt guess what came next. The batter was looking great - colours mixed in well and a nice light trace perfect for swirling - then I added the FO ... instant seizure! I quickly dolloped it into the mould (so much for my lovely layers!) but it looked awful. Managed to turn it into something usable by re-batching, however, lesson learned - do a test batch next time!

    So next attempt was using a perfume oil I'd bought on a holiday in Egypt. Tried it in a small test batch using just olive oil. Worked at room temperature and it seemed to be okay. So next step the full recipe. I think my mistake this time may have been that I was working with shea butter, coconut oil and palm oil, so had kept the temperature a little higher. Anyway same thing, the mix seized very quickly although I did manage to get my layers in place this time. However, within an hour or two of it being put in the mould there was a lake of liquid (glycerine?) on the top. Again, rescued it by rebatching but it wasn't the pretty soap I was hoping for.

    I notice on sites such as Bramble Berry in the US that they give an indication of how likely a FO is to discolour or accelerate trace, but most of the UK suppliers I've found simply say to test it yourself. I appreciate they perhaps don't want to be held liable for spoiled batches, but I could really do with some recommendations here as it costs a fortune in delivery charges to buy from Bramble Berry.

    So ...
    • does anyone know of a UK supplier who states whether FOs are likely to discolour or accelerate, or at least includes reviews from soap makers?
    • Can anyone recommend a FO that's likely to be okay to use with swirling techniques?
    • Does a list exist anywhere of the effect of EOs or FOs in CP soap?

    In the interests of sharing, I used Foxglove FO from The Soap Kitchen (although they don't seem to stock it at the moment). Absolutely beautiful floral fragrance, but unfortunately not CP friendly.



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    Little strange replying to my own post, but just been checking out some of the other posts on this forum and found some good recommendations for suppliers.

    In case anyone else is having similar issues, I've discovered that:

    • - gives indication of discolouration/acceleration (D/A) on some but not all their FOs. Also has customer reviews which can help. Really wide range, at around £6 (inc VAT) for 50 ml. Only sells in 50ml and 200ml quantities. Standard delivery £5.94 inc VAT.

    • - info on D/A on all the FOs I looked at and have an amazing range to choose from. Typical cost around £7 (inc VAT) for 50 ml. Can buy in a range of quantities from 10ml to 1 litre. Economy delivery £7.19 inc VAT

    • - recommends customer test FOs themselves but does give some limited info on D/A. There are also customer reviews which are useful. A reasonable range to choose from but not quite as extensive as the suppliers above. Typical cost around £4 inc VAT for 30 ml. Sells in 30ml, 100ml and 500ml quantities. Economy delivery £5.98 inc VAT

    • - recommends self testing FOs. No information on D/A and has no customer reviews. Wide range to choose from. Quite a bit of price variation between oils, but a typical cost for a synthetic FO seems to be around £7 (inc VAT) for 50ml. Standard delivery £5.10 inc VAT - do say on their site that they can take several days for delivery if they are busy so recommend Express delivery if needed urgently which is £10.18 (inc VAT). Sell in quantities ranging from 5ml to 1 litre. Can buy samples for £1

    Can you recommend any others?

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