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  • Out of curiosity!

    Hi all,

    out of curiosity can you use rainwater in cold process soaps or just stick with the tried and tested distilled water?

    Thank you

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    Hi Graham

    Was hoping someone who had tried this would respond. I think it'll work, after all they used rain, tap and springwater back in the day. Big issue is possible impurities in rainwater, especially in/around in big cities. Doubt if it would ruin the soap but you might get a film, spots or other inconsistencies which you can avoid with distilled water.


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      I've known people use fresh snow so guess you could use rainwater too but I wouldn't want it harvested off the roof as it would be full of grit and general rubbish so I'm not sure how easy it would be to collect. Personally I've only ever used tap water but our water is very good. Where I lived previously it was very hard and the minerals in it caused the soap to go very cloudy and not look at all pleasant.


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        I don't think you could use tap water in London unless of course you use some kind of water softening equipment


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          Not tap water in London, soaps did not come out well!


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            I've wondered why it had to be distilled water and not tap water. Wondered whether the caustic soda might react with the chlorine in the tap water and I'd end up gassing myself! :-) Also wondered about collecting rain water as I have seen recipes for making cp soap with snow. Interesting to hear about other's experiences with it. Distilled water hard for me to come by locally so I use a bottle of cheap supermarket own brand spring water. Seems to work fine.


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              In summer it is a do able thing, never tried it to be honest. If you want u can search about it, so like that you will have clear idea what you are looking for. cheers!!
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