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Understanding my Safety Assessment - help please

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  • Understanding my Safety Assessment - help please

    Hi all,

    Advice needed please from those of you who have safety assessments as right now I could cry! Lol

    Ok so I got my safety assessment back in the week, looked at it (didn't really understand everything that was in that table, but hey ho)... went ahead and made a couple of batches of soap.

    Only when I come to write up my PIFs I realise the percentages are a little strange, so now it appears I have made soap that I can not sell!! I assumed if changes needed to be made they would let you know this rather than sending you your document and expecting you to know what that huge table of figures mean! Especially for newbies...

    So if I have worked it out correctly they have reduced by base recipe from 2400g to 2040g! Where I was using before (for example) 70ml of essential oil I will now only be using 24?? That surely is not going to give off a nice/decent scent? I could honestly cry!

    Oh yes and the recipe (again, as long as I have worked it out correctly) I have put through the soap calculator and it comes out with different percentages to what is on my document.

    Oh and another thing do I now how much water & sodium hydroxide to use? My document says 8.5% water... so 173 ml?

    I am sooooooooo confused, please help me if you can.

    I have of course tried ringing my assessor but it has been engaged all afternoon, I'm not sure if they are open now until Monday.

    Can anyone help me? x

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    Hi Gemma

    Hopefully you've managed to get through to your assessor by now and it's all sorted. Couple of comments:-

    The 2400 vs 2040 could be a typo? Also looks like they've limited you to 1% (24ml) essential oils. I managed to get 2% EOs on my assessments for soap but it's unusual to be able to get more than that. As an aromatherapist used to working with stronger blends it was a shock for me to be so constrained when making products.

    Not sure about water without seeing detail of your recipe but 173ml would be low for me. (I measure everything in gm for consistency but don't think it would make that much difference!).

    Hope that helps a little


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      thank you, yes I was reading my assessment wrong. I was looking at the %'s that were in the finished product!

      I didn't need to change a thing (even essential oils) after all lol x