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Adding scents to soap

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  • Adding scents to soap

    Hi Guys!

    I'm totally new to making soap, I've ordered a book and a home starter set but I really would prefer to make it from scratch. I'm particularly interested in making soaps with very fruit, almost 'juicy' delicious smells such as strawberry, lemon, mango etc. Almost like what you'd find in the Body Shop - that kind of sweetness and intensity. Can anyone gives me any tips for getting the most out of the scents and getting them as fruity as possible? When I've bought products from TBS before they often smell so good I want to eat them! This is the kind of thing I'm looking for.

    Any UK suppliers?

    Also - is it possible to incorporate actual bit of fruit, such as lemon peel or vanilla pod seeds?

    A lot of text in one post I know! Thank you all in advance
    Kirsty xx

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    Yes you can use lemon peel (I'd put them on the very top to decorate) and vanilla pod seeds.
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      Try adding coffee,essentialoils)