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    I have used dessicated coconut in a soap this week, I have just cut the loaf and the coconut has gone green

    Any ideas why this would happen? I have used a coconut fragrance too, would that be why?

    Thanks in advance x

    EDIT: It appears that the soap I made in the silicone mold (50g squares) hasn't gone like this - just the soap in the loaf mold...
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    sounds like natural discoloration.


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      Originally posted by chimeracraft View Post
      sounds like natural discoloration.

      It did say they hold their colour well.

      What I usually do is once in soap lof, cover with cling film, pop the lid on, wrap in a towel or two then into a cardboard box.

      Been as the coconut in the loaf has more or less all turned green but the ones in the little silicone mold hasn't - it has been suggested to me that it could be too much heat in the large mold and I should leave the mold on the side without cover for around an hour, then cover with cling film, wrap in a towel etc.

      Does anyone else do it this way?