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  • Well I have done it....

    Hi all

    I posted here back in November type time I think it was asking questions etc .... since then I have done heaps of reading on the net and had my head stuck in a couple of books!

    I have also booked myself onto a 1-2-1 'Soap Making for Business' course, I wanted to be shown by an 'expert' the best way to make CP soap and also learn all the legal things from someone in the field too! I have been reading up on all the legalities - wow there is a lot to think about, it did initially put me off but I REALLY want to learn something new, plus I feel it will be a great sense of achievement if I can pull it all off and get the legal bit correct too!

    Sooooo excited about my course - can't wait to get started now. I plan on starting off with soaps with a view to branching out into bath bombs, body scrubs, exfoliants etc.

    I have also been playing around with words to try and come up with a good name... in addition to thinking about packaging! Was anyone else this excited?

    Gem x

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    I don't make soaps but I get very excited by thinking of new products and the associated packaging etc. Good luck with your new venture!
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      Sounds like you have been busy. Good luck with the course. I hope you find it very useful.
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        All sounds exciting, best of luck with your course. Im sure It'l be a really great experience :-)
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          Good luck with the course, I did the busines and soap making course with Melinda Coss in 2012, now I feel I am ready to sell but I am still learning and have questions to ask.


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            Best of luck with the course and your new venture. It's always exciting learning and exploring new avenues, enjoy!


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              Thanks everyone

              Will update once I've done the course in a few weeks - don't want to wish my time away but I can't wait! x


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                YES! Gemma, I totally know how you're feeling!!! .. think I am driving my boyfriend a little crazy because he's really good at coming up with names (for soap - luckily I already have a 'brand' name) so I've been drilling him a bit about it!

                I too went on the Melinda Coss course!

                ..and will be doing the business course at some point this year too. In the meantime, I'm going to just keep practicing what I learnt so I really understand it all...and also trying out body butters, scrubs etc .... it sounds like we're aiming for the same thing!


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                  Oh goodness yes, I need peed my pants with happiness on the day I first opened the door to the shop. When I look back at how little stock I had, how little knowledge I had, how unprepared I was for every single event I am amazed that I made it, but make it I did and so will you.

                  I wish for you fortitute, kindness of others and all the luck the world can give you in your new venture


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                    I did my course on Tuesday and loved it! I made 3 batches of cold process soap (which is what I want to do) and also a batch of melt and pour just to see the difference really

                    I made a batch of honey and oatmeal, tea tree & clay and a Grapefruit scented soap. I also did one batch with all of these layers on just so I could see how to do layered soaps - here are some of my pics

                    I now have a question (which I didn't think to ask on my course as it only came to me yesterday lol) - with regards to your safety assessment - are you allowed to use the same recipe but present it in a different form? Say for instance I use the same recipe and make a swirly soap with it, but then want to make a layered soap with it? Or if I have a little left over use say a flower silicone soap mold as opposed to just soap bars? Hope that makes sense lol.

                    Out of all of these the honey and oats are my fave - it sort of smells like ginger biscuits! x
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