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  • Some m&p questions

    Hello Everyone,

    I am making CP soaps for about one year now and I would like to make also M&P.
    I have only tried once and had very bad experiences with Crystal clear which thickened up too fast, almost impossible to work with.
    Soaposh seems to have afordable price but since I live outside UK the postage costs are to high for me to just try a small amount of base and I wouldn't like to be (too costly) dissapointed if I choose wrong ...

    So I rely on your help here.

    Has anyone of you any good or bad experience with Soaposh's SLS-free Transparent and SLS- free Opaque Soap bases?

    Do they sweat a lot? Is the lather ok since it is SLS-free? I read description on their web page but would like to hear ┬╗independant voice┬ź.

    Thank you for your answers, and thanks all of you for sharing with us (newbies).

    I wish you all a good soaping year!

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    Looks like no one is working with Soaposh's MP bases. I hardley beleive it though...

    Does anybody at least know how reliable is that company? Sent them 2 e-mails lathely but haven't got any answer yet.


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      I think most of Soaposh
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        Hello Itunu,

        thank you very much for your answer.
        I know MP sets up fast, but I think there must have beeen something wrong with that particular batch, because I wasn't able to melt it down (although I followed the instructions on some videos) and it was setting already while pouring, besides the high temperature. I saw some photos showing the whole procedure of melting base and the soaper had a similar problem to mine.
        Anyway, I will try once more and hopefuly with more luck. Thanks for your comment about soaposh - good to know there is a chance to have a good experience