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  • M&P or CP to start?

    I have decided to give my foray into candles a pause. I want to make soaps. I have loads of books free from kindle offers on soap making. Just wondered which do you think is the easiest way to get into making soaps before advancing techniques. Melt and Pour or Cold process.

    I am not sure what supplies I need just yet so may end up buying a starter kit unless ingredients work out cheaper individually

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    M&P is by far the easiest to make - Gracefruit sell all that you need - M&P bases (buy both white and clear), MP colours (they do a nice sampler set of 5) and also fragrances. You can find ispropanyl alcohol aka IPA on ebay or amazon (it's usually in the cleaning computer screens section). You can use silicione baking moulds as your moulds. is a very good site for M&P tutorials.

    If you decide to venture into cold process I have a detailed step by step tutorial on my blog - It contains everything you need to know but if you'd rather attend a class I'm running one in London on 14 December.

    Good luck.
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      Totally depends on what you want. M&P doesn't appeal to me in the slightest as I like to make things from scratch with a total control over the ingredients and also to avoid the use of things like SLS which is easier with CP. However it is easier to do fancy effects with M&P and you can buy kits etc which may suit you well. One is not necessarily better than the other but can be better for the individual. I went on a one day course to learn how to do CP and found it very easy from the start but it is very important that you get your ratios right otherwise you can do some serious harm. A bit of care though and it's fine but don't trust all the recipes you find on the internet, some of them would produce very caustic products


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        @ itunu;
        if i was in London I would attend.
        thanks for replying.

        @ broadbean i do want to control ingredients once i get into the habit of making soap
        thanks for replying


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          It is a difficult question because they are so different - certainly M&P is very instant, you don't need much equipment and it cant go very far wrong. And you can make extraordinarily pretty things such as soap gems!

          But if its the whole hand-made thing you are after, CP takes you down a whole new avenue of creativity and choice of ingredients.

          I would probably suggest giving M&P a go while doing more research, and learning how to use soapcalc, and then trying both and see what you prefer.

          I agree Gracefruit will suppy anything you need to start - soap base, colour and fragrance.

          If you buy a starter kit make sure it is from a soap supplier not a hobby shop as they can be overpriced and not the best quality.


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            Personally I prefer CP to M&P , however if looking for M& P kits why not try Bath, a very knowledgeable forum member


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              Jane pipped me to it but can only agree try Bath Bombs kits they are excellent and the customer service second to none, you can not do better, this company are not overpriced like some and you are buying from a small craft business like all of us rather than a conglomerate and inflated prices and as we all like to help the small business being small ourselves. You will also get some great help from the owner if you need it.


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                Awww...thanks guys - that's very kind of you to say.

                OP - of course I agree - do have a look at our kits and if you need help choosing, don't hesitate to message me on the forum or email me.

                Even M&P soap making will give you a taste of this engaging hobby - I went from M&P to CP and, whilst not entirely the same there are similarities.

                Good luck with it

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                  thanks again for all the replies. i had a look at the kits on bath bom . com prices seem affordable. I should be able to get a kit soon. just to choose what mould shape.


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                    I have ordered my M&P starter kit from bath bomb . com I should have it this week. quite excited. I have been watching hours of tutorials on youtube and praying I can make some pretty looking soap too. I have an idea of what sort of bases I want once I move onto cp. Thanks again for all the tips. If I find a CP course near me I may just take it. I have seen some distant learning courses but they are very expensive for my budget right now