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    hi, new to the forum! I recently decided I wanted to have a go at soap making, after doing a bit of research I decided the melt and pour method would be best for me. I will only be making soap as gifts but would like to experiment as much as possible. so my question is, where should I buy my ingredients from? from what I have read I think I will need: melt and pour soap base, colourants, fragrance, and moulds? I used to have a kit when I was a kid which I loved and for a cheap kids set was actually really good but they don't make it anymore. we don't have a craft store or anything like that in my area so its all going to have to be bought online! and as for the moulds, can you use any kind of plastic/silicone moulds like ice cube trays to make the soaps? thanks in advance for the replies.

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    Hi Msasa

    Melt and pour is great for beginners as you don't have to use lye which I think scares a lot of people.

    There are a lot of places which sell melt and pour eg justasoap and gracefruit etc. I tend to use gracefruit's bases for my classes as they have a good variety and some good colours too.

    In my melt and pour soap workshops we use silicone moulds. They are good as you can get your soap out more easily than solid plastic moulds.


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      I ordered from just a soap in the end, I got 1kg of clear soap base, a red colour and a blue colour, and a Christmas fragrance, I don't know if 1kg is going to be enough to make soap in a normal sized loaf tin, but we shall see, im excited!