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  • Just a quick hi!

    Hi everyone! Just thought as a fellow soapmaker I would say hello!

    I'm a total beginner at soapmaking but I am hooked to it in a way that doesn't happen much with my other crafts :-) and giving the bars away is as addictive as making them in the first place!

    Anyway, I was just wondering how everyone got into soap making if you dnt mind my asking. My mum mentioned she used to do it at my age so I went and picked up a book (Handmade soap book by Melinda Cross) and just got stuck in there:-)

    Hope to hear from everyone soon!

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    hi sorry haven't been on here for a few days, I got into soap making after I started making potions and remedies for aromatherapy then went on to lotions and bath goodies before I took the plunge into soap making a few years ago, I started selling mine after I got them certified end of last year.
    It took me a couple of years to feel comfortable enough I could provide a very good product.
    lotions etc I've been selling now for 2 years and always improving them and experimenting, have now also just got into making palm and soy candles.

    I also make a lot of home fragrance goodies from aroma beads to incense.


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      Hi there,
      Been Soap making for around 6 months and really enjoying, with a few disasters on the way. I make a olive oil based soap, but thinking about widening my horizon's. May be goats milk or shea butter...

      Iv been making creams and other bathing products for some years now because of my families sensitivity to other products.

      Im a bit quizzed this week as one of my batches hasnt hardened. Any clues?

      x Maria



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        if you let us see your recipe we maybe able to tell you, is it a recipe you use all the time and not had a problem before have you changed it in anyway?

        if you don't want your recipe out in the public forum please feel free to pm me? and i'll take a look,