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Can anyone help? PIF's - what goes into them?

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  • Can anyone help? PIF's - what goes into them?

    Hi guys...... new to the forum and wondered if anyone could help.
    I make M&P soaps for the family - have been "licensed" since 2009 but never tried to sell them before until now - Problem is , i'm not sure what information goes into PIFs. (product info form / file?
    I've already contacted Scott Grainger and after a week + had a short reply from his helper saying they dont have a sample for M&P forms so "The CP one should give me an idea of what to do".... No help at all and now back to square one.

    I took the leap the other day to sign up to the new cosmetic product notification portal - got quite a ways into notifying the items but i need the PIF's for each item first!
    Back in September i finally got my "upgraded" document from Scott - to the new July 2013 rules and I have my labels ready , ingredients for each type of soap written down along with details of the way i make them ....
    BUT i dont know how to compile one of the product information files.

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    I seem to recall that this question has been asked several times here. Perhaps you could do a search, just enter PIF in search engine, top right hand of this page, and see what it comes up with. Not a soapy myself so can't advise.
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      From the info I have read your safety assessor gives you all the info you need when your product is tested to complete your Pif's


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        I have certainly posted a couple of very lengthy answers on the forum, in the past...You need to search and then read the whole of the threads that are returned - obviously my answer may not be in the top 2 or 3 posts. You could also search through my posts - either click on my name and select 'view posts' or do a search on my name - OR do a search on my name AND PIF

        EDITED TO SAY: It isn't always that people don't know the answer or that people are ignoring you. Sometimes it's that people are very busy and I certainly don't have time to reproduce a half an hour of writing that I've written dozens of times already just because you weren't able to spend hours googling and searching for the answer. Not having a go but I have spent years honing my craft, giving all my knowledge away for nothing would be a bit of a stupid thing to do! I understand that posting a question and getting no responses can be depressing but still, whining and having a go at people doesn't incline them to come back and answer you Just sayin' x
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