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    Hi, I'm starting a business selling soaps and bath salts etc and as I enjoy sewing I thought I could make some Lavender Pillows or drawer sachets to sell. Does anyone know if there are any rules or regs I would need to follow because the lavender wouldn't really be in direct contact with the skin? I could contact my cosmetic safety assessor but I'm sure their busy enough without my daft questions!!

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    OMG that never occurred to me. I've been selling them for years and years, from before any regs came in. Surely it's fine as they go with your clothes and the lavender in encased in the fabric. I've got some really lush ones. Sudbury silk filled with Sudbury lavender. 9It means a lot to people in Sudbury .


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      There're no regs (or vanishingly-few) for selling bunches of sweet peas, or cut sunflowers. Why should lavender be any different?

      You are not processing it or changing it in any way, or claiming it is a medicine, a cosmetic or a foodstuff. It's not a hallucinogen, a precursor of illegal drugs or a restricted substance in other ways. You are - I presume - not trying to import it from a non-EU country without a phyto-sanitary certificate.

      if you are concerned, why not phone your TS office? The only issue I can see is that if you are making any claims about the bags or the lavender, they must be true eg 'English lavender', '25gm of lavender' 'pure lavender' 'silk bags' 'locally-made' etc


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        As you've been selling them for years i'm sure you would have heard. thanks for replyingx


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          Thanks for replying. One less thing to think about


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            You can class lavender as a herb. I know the herbal people had a terrible time with being told they couldn't claim anything that hadn't been clinically proven. Maybe watch your wording? Instead of saying "lavender helps you sleep" maybe say "it's traditionally believed that lavender helps you sleep".