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How to stop dye running in m&p

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  • How to stop dye running in m&p

    Hi all, iv wandered over from the candle section looking for some help. I want to make a stripy soap block in red and white to cut into bars to sell at xmas. I notice that when I use my usual dyes (water based) overtime they bleed or fade/darken. Which makes me worry that by Christmas it will not look good.

    I will be using a white sls free m&p soap base and essential oil so which dye do you recommend for a bright bold red colour.

    Thank you


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    Have you tried the M&P colours from ??


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      Originally posted by itunu View Post
      Have you tried the M&P colours from ??
      I have not, what are they like? Are they chips or water based?


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        You specifically need a soap colour that states "NON-BLEED" as they are different from the ordinary soap colourants. I believe (but haven't researched it) that they are made with vegetable glycerine rather than water but it maybe something fundamental about the actual mica/pigment that's used to make them - some are made to be light stable (which is what causes that fading)....

        I looked at the Gracefruit M&P colours and they don't appear to be non-bleed....
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          I normally make cp soap so I have the liquid colours for cp from Gracefruit but I have also used them in m & p... It says you can't use their m & p colours in cp soap but there's nothing about not using the cp colours in m & p.. Mine haven't faded


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            Just a Soap stock non bleeding pigment colours. They do have a red but if you are using a white base you will end up with pink. The clear base will give you a more bold red but the pigments can leave you with a slight speckled effect. Also double check that your safety assessment includes these colours if you intend to sell.