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Starting up a soap making business in Surrey

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  • Starting up a soap making business in Surrey

    Hello All,

    I'm pretty new to business setup for soaps and other cosmetics, so apologies if raising irrelevant questions.
    I'm on the way to setup a business for home made cosmetics mainly CP soaps, lip balms and bath bombs. I undrestand that I need a safety assessment for each, I have already contacted assessors for this but from legal point of view what further actions need to be taken.

    I have read about Product Information File to which the assessment is relevant to. There's a chapter about physio-chemical and microbiological specifications for raw and finished materials. How can I collect this information?

    May I ask you to share with me your recent experience what to do and who to contact? I was also searching for PIF template to see how it looks like but failed, no templates - or examples which would be much better - found.

    Thank you very much for your advices in advance!

    Happy soapmaking!

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    Welcome to the forum and to the wacky world of soap:-)

    trading standards is a good place to start, you will find them most helpful.

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      to the forum.
      Lucy Blossom
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        Thank you for both of you Jane and Lucy
        I'm pretty new with the trading standards and the entire process. I have sent them a mail and got back an application form, I assume this is the starting point.
        Based on your experience is the one hour advice enough with them to discuss my question about how to setup the business?

        Thank you so much in advance!

        Happy soapmaking!


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          I did a course with the Soap School which included legal and regulatory aspects of selling soap. It is quite complicated and, with the recent changes, not an easy process to set up legally as a soap business but I guess Trading Standards is a good start.

          Best of luck


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            Help with new soap business

            Welcome to the world of cosmetics. I started up my handmade soap business this past year and I understand what your going through as there are so many things to learn and it can all seem a bit daunting. I recommend getting your assessment through Scott Granger, you will find him very helpful with information on pif files and any other queries etc. The assessment basically tells you what you can use and in what concentration so no need to search to much into complicated stuff. A pif file is information on your product and all the ingredients that go into it. You will need a photo of your product, then the formula concentrations, a description of how you made it, a description on good manufacturing process and all the relevent msds files for each ingredient which have to be made available from the supplier. I found a good free pdf coverter on the web so that you can change the mdsd file to a picture which can then be easily inserted into you word document before I found this I had to print out each msds file which was expensive on ink and then scan it to my computer which took ages. Once your msds is done you then need to upload your product formulation to the EU portal which again Scott can advise you on. You will also need insurance to sell your products, I use Ian W Wallace for this who is reasonably priced and covers all of your needs. You need to inform BIS that you are trading and trading standards. I hope this helps a bit.
            Good Luck on your new venture.