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Safety assessments for bath bomb making

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  • Safety assessments for bath bomb making

    Hi everyone

    I'm new to these sort of things so be patient with me. I am really confused about the safety report and would love some advice. i have just started making bath bombs and want to sell to the public. I want to have a basic bath bomb recipe but have variations in colours and fragrances, can i do this? i've looked and spoke to someone from the cosmetic safety assessment consultants and they said one fragrance is one product, so i can only have 6. Aromatics say you can purchase a category then add a cost per ingredient. I'm so confused.

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    I think the answer is that different assessors will offer different things on the assessment. There aren't any hard and fast rules and the EU Directive (that governs this kind of thing) has just undergone massive changes so even assessors might be confused.

    My best advice is to write a basic list of ingredients you want included and then email anyone offering assessments and ask how much they charge and what kind of after sales service/support they are offering. That might clear the fog a bit for you and give you a better idea of how to proceed....

    Good luck
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      Thank you for your help. It sounded simple advice but i never thought of it, the more i looked into it the more confused i got.