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    Hi guys, I hope I'm posting in the right place - Basically, I'm looking to start making my own soaps, bath bombs, lotions etc (to sell) and thought this would be a good place to start and get some general advice! Could anybody help me with regards to where is the best place to buy bath product making kits from and any information I may need to get started in this area? Much appreciated!

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    What kind of soaps are you looking to make?
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      The first kits i bought were from Hobby Craft (melt and pour kits and bath bomb kits) however non of them had any ingredients listed on the labels and i found the soaps would 'sweat'.

      Just A Soap have some kits that i would recommend.

      If you wish to sell your work i would advise reading up a lot on the legal side of things i.e. safety assessments, PIF's, insurance, etc...
      The regs have just been changed this year as of July 2013.

      I've only been soaping for a year and a half so i am not as advance as some of the ladies on here.

      Hope i have been of some help though!!


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        you call sell online like facebook google + and other


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          let us know once your soaps can be bought