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  • Advice on small project please

    Hi, I'm not intending to take up soap making as a hobby but I want to 'make' a few items to give away as gifts/swaps. I am in a crafting team called paper dolls and the logo is pink paper dolls, similar to the ones you used to cut out of newspaper when you were a kid. I would like to make some melt and pour soap in the shape of paper dolls (gingerbread men/women). I am going to put them in a little box/envelope/bag that I have made and swap gifts with other team members.

    If I buy a reputable melt and pour soap base, colour and fragrance will it be simple? Is there a minimum size below which my 'dolls' will break until they are cured? How long will they take to cure? Is there anything else to take into consideration?

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    I am not an expert and while I have given cold process soap making a little go I have yet to try the melt and pour (yes I know it's normally the other way round lol!) but as far as I have seen from looking into soapmaking, melt and pour is fairly simple. Melt and Pour soap doesn't need to cure, once it has hardened it is ready to use. You melt it, mix in your colour and fragrance, pour in your mould and wait for it to harden up (which I think is just a few hours) and your done! Afraid I'm not sure about sizes. I'm sure someone with more experience will correct me if I am wrong about anything though!
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      I too know very little about M&P as I'm a CP girl but I have made very small CP soap as wedding favours using ice cube moulds and that worked well so I would have thought you would be OK so long as you can either line your moulds (cling film is good) or they are flexible enough to push the soap out.


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        There is no cure time.
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          By break I mean just that, snap in two, fall apart etc. As its just a craft swap I need to make them small. I thought they might be soft at first and break when I try to turn them out of the mould. If they are going to be hard and not brittle then thats great. Here is the mould I have in mind.


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            I'm sure if you try it with that ebay mould it will turn out fine.


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              Okay, thanks.