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Assesment needed soon!!

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  • Assesment needed soon!!

    I have contacted Scott Grainger but just a standard email to say they aren't taking clients yet. Also Bath but not replied. Can anyone suggest or PM me where to go as I would like to get this sorted out as soon as possible. Much appreciated for any help. Steve

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    I think you will find that all assessors are up to their eyes with the new regs and the dreaded portal, so are not taking on any new clients for a month or 2.

    Leave it until Sept when things have quietened down a little?

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      Ithink Bath-Bomb.Biz get there's from Scott (as do a lot of the suppliers)....but you could try The Soap Kitchen as they offer this service too. They are quite a good place to get supplies, too if you register as trade. Fairly good prices but make sure you're not in a hurry for anything
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        Thank you. It seems they are all suspended at the moment. I will have to be patient and wait a bit longer. Thank you


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          Hi Steve, I'm in the same position, I'm all ready to go but for the assessment. But after following the progress of Scott and the new regulations saga, on other forums I decided to hold off till August, although as Jane said it may be as late as Sept because they are absolutely snowed under.

          I nearly emailed Scott the other day to ask if there was anything I could be doing / preparing in the meantime whilst I wait but decided against it because I didn't really what to trouble him during what must be a chaotic time, so if anyone else has any suggestions it would be appreciated

          I just have to keep reminding myself, 'patience is a virtue' but its so difficult and I feel your frustration Steve, because I feel like I can't progress any further till the assessments are in place