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What do you charge per bar of soap?

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  • What do you charge per bar of soap?

    I read somewhere that you should charge double the cost price to gain a wholesale price and then double that to get your RRP. Ok, well I've just calculated that it costs me approx £1.50 to produce 1 bar of unscented CP soap. If I follow the above guidelines that would make it a wholesale price of £3 and an RRP of £6
    Now i know the likes of Jo Malone are charging double that for a bar of soap but even still it seems a bit steep to me and I can't imagine people at craft fairs forking out £6 for a bar of soap. Am I wrong, do people charge this much? If not how much do you charge and how much of that is profit? Do you follow the double it and double it again guidelines?

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    My friend sells her handmade soaps £3.45 for an 80gram bar if that's any help.


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      I make melt & pour - a slice costs me approx. 80p to produce including labelling & packaging. I originally charged £2.50 per slice or 3 for £6, but have dropped them to £2 per slice & 3 for £5 and now I sell far more. Taking tax into consideration I still make a small profit, but will never be able to leave my full time job for soap making - but saying that it is more of a hobby for me rather than a big money making venture. I would pay more for CP but there is no point in pricing yourself out of the market - try to see what others are pricing at in the area.


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        £1.50 cost price for a bar of CP sounds very high.

        What is your batch size - what oils are you using?

        Can you reduce some overheads?

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          It costs me around £1.50 a bar to make CP aswell.. I've only just started out though so am only buying in 1kg quantities


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            I'm just experimenting with ingredients at the moment and that figure is based on my most expensive bar which has butters and more expensive oils like avocado in it. I don't know yet which recipe I'll go with because they are currently curing and I'm just starting out but if I did decide that was the best bar then I don't think I'd want to change the recipe just to cut the price. I could eventually cut the cost by buying bulk stock in but until stuff gets selling, I'm reluctant to buy too much of anything.


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