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  • Repackaging advice please

    I would like to know if I can repackage other peoples soaps etc (with their permission!) that have already been safety assessed to sell as my own. Would I still need insurance?? I would love to sell the homemade products I make for my own use but am thinking of waiting until after July with the safety assessments changes taking place. I'm just really keen to get started.
    Thanks for reading this and enjoy the weekends BBQ weather

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    You can with their permission relabel and sell as basically that's wholesaling

    .. I'm not sure on the insurance part as if someone had an allergic reaction, wouldn't it go back to the soap maker

    You can still get a safety assessment from Scott at the moment, there's just a few ingredients you can't use until July


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      You can sell if they agree but you would need to check that they held the relevant certification etc. Or they may prefer to rewrap for you under your name that way they know all the information is correct on the labels, if you did not put the info as required or missed something off and they are liable, a dangerous game. Plus you have to store correctly etc. Jane from Just Soaps is the one to ask as she is the font of all knowledge when it comes to soap making and well known in the upper echelons of our society for her exquisite soaps and toiletries.

      You would still need pli insurance to sell along with registering with the HMRC for tax and nic


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        Thanks for the advice


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          Thanks for replying, plenty to think about!