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Cold process cupcakes..frosting??

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  • Cold process cupcakes..frosting??

    Now i feel a little bit more comfortable doing cold process soaps,
    my next little try is going to be making cold process cupcakes.

    Has anyone done them before?

    What consistency does the frosting need to be in order to pipe?
    Is it like at a really thick trace?

    Also when piping your frosting, does the base of the cake need to be already done i.e. completed gel phase and set.
    Or can you pipe right away on to just poured soap base?

    I've got a few ideas in mind for designs, just haven't got a clue how i would go about making cold process cupcakes without a gloopy mess

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    I usually use 85% hard oils (lard, palm, tallow, coconut oil), 15% soft, Water as % of oil: 35.5

    1. whip the hard/solid oils until nice and stiff
    2. add the liquid (soft) oils
    3. whip until stiff and fluffy
    4. v slowly mix in the chilled lye - pouring and mixing at the same time .
    5. keep mixing until peaks will stay up, add EO/FO/colour and mix again if necessary.

    I make my lye water the night before and keep it in thefridge. You want everything either cold (lye water) or room temp. Use a food mixer otherwise your arms will ache.

    If you are using a star decorating tip, myadvise would be to use a big one; this gives a rich looking topping.

    You can pour the cp bottoms and immediately make the frosting or you could do it a day apart. I wouldn't do it too far apart. If you do it a day apart or more ithelps to take a fork or toothpick and scratch the surface of your cupcake bottom that you will be frosting. This helps it adhere better.
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      i'm trying these soon too. i'm excited! we should swap pictures when they're done and compare what we did.


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        nice idea with pictures)