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Essential Rose and Geranium Oils

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  • Essential Rose and Geranium Oils

    Is it possible to buy both rose and geranium oil? My Shea Butter Whip states 6 drops of geranium and 2 drops of rose but I can't find individual bottles of each. I have found geranium rose oil, could I use that instead and combine the drops?

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    You can buy Rose EO but it is over £1,000 per litre - there is geranium EO and rose geranium EO - from the rose geranium flower

    As you need 8 drops (whatever a drop is?) you could use a mixture of anything really?

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      I know nothing about essential oils, but I do know that rose oil is widely available (and very expensive if you buy the 100% stuff), and geranium oil is also widely available. I've seen them in several bricks and mortar shops and in several on-line UK suppliers.

      There is also rose geranium, which is a specific form of scented-leaf geranium; I have several plants of this because I like it. However, if you used this oil, although it would likely smell a bit like roses - the living plant certainly does - it is a geranium oil and will not have the same properties as rose oil.

      I also grow, among other things, chocolate-scented mint.

      However, it's no earthly use my going outside and munching on some chocolate scented mint if I want a chocolate fix ...


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        I'm an aromatherapist. Rose Geranium is just a another variety of geranium and you wouldn't use it as a substitute for Rose oil and Geranium oil.

        Both Rose and Geranium oils are available from essential oils suppliers although as Eena and Jane point out Rose is ruinously expensive.

        Hope that helps



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          You could try palma rosa essential oil that smells like roses. I've ordered from calmer solutions ltd. Their postage is at bit expensive but speedy delivery.


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            If all that the OP wants is the scent of roses in her product, a skin-safe synthetic would be the cheapest and safest way to go, I would think.

            However, if the qualities of rose oil are wanted in the product, then rose oil is needed. Other EOs - despite their scent resembling that of a rose - will have different qualities, which may well be very different from the range of qualities offered by rose EO.

            The other thing the OP could do is compare the qualities of other EOs and use the one which has the most similarity to the qualities of rose EO, regardless of the scent.


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              Thanks everyone for taking the time to comment. I am just learning to make soap and creams and don't have very much knowledge at this stage. I am following a Shea Butter Whip recipe from a Melinda Coss Natural Soap book. The essential oils required are 6 drops of geranium, 6 drops patchouli, 6 drops mandarin and 2 drops of rose. Hence my posting of the rose question. As I now know it's very expensive I think I will leave it out :-)


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                I think that's the wisest decision - less is more, anyway!