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    So from what I gather I will need to get msds certifications to place in my PIF's for all ingredients used, correct? So how do you go about doing this? I have been buying herbs and oils for years for my job as a Complementary therapist and have never heard of or seen a msds cert before, so I'm assuming the companies don't just send these out automatically with each order. Do you just ring up the company and request them for each product you buy? Also do you need to get it specifically from the supplier you got the product from? for example say I buy lavender oil from a supplier and obtain a msds for it but then a few months on run out of lavender and have to nip into town to pick up another bottle from Boots say, would I have to get msds from them too? Sorry, I realise this is probably really basic stuff but I want to get it right from the get-go

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    You might find this site interesting - it explains what an MSD is and it's purpose

    Your assessor should be able to help too

    Any self respecting supplier will supply an MSD for each product if asked


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      Most websites i buy from have msds sheets available that you can download and print off. It may be worth asking your supplier for the msds sheets if you can't find them?!


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        Thanks suzy, i never thought to look at the online store for them


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          You are welcome


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            Most suppliers have the msds certificate in their websites, you can get printouts of these. If you cant find it in their website ring them up and they will be able to help you. MSDS certification is a legal requirement and the supplier should be able to help you with this. if you change your supplier and buy from a different supplier then you will have to get this certification for the same product. This contains information such as country of origin, health and safety, storage etc., which is essential and in case something should go wrong you can trace it back to the supplier. I hope this helps


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