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Cosmetic Safety Assessments and the new Regs for 2013

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  • Cosmetic Safety Assessments and the new Regs for 2013

    Hi - this is my first post so hello to all you crafters out there!

    I make cold process soap as a hobby and have been doing so for about 18 months and am at the point where I have sorted out my recipes, essential oils etc and feel confident to market my products. I am aware of the need for a cosmetic safety assessment before doing this and have been keeping an eye on the various options over the last year or so.

    My question is, has anyone any information regarding the new regs which have or are about to come in for cosmetic safety assessments. I have looked at Scott Grainger's site at Cosmetic Safety Assessments today and notice that he no longer has a price list for the various assessments he offers. Has anyone got or are in the process of updating their assessments and what was the cost? Has it changed much from the previous regime?

    Thanks for your help with this.


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    Hmm your right it has gone, as I took a screenshot of the page the other night for future reference and it was £179


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      I got in just before it changed and got it at £150, £179 is the new price.