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  • Soap Assesment for school fete

    Good morning all - been floating for a while on this forum but only registered now, I love making my soaps and bath bombs and use bathbombbiz for all of my ingrediants. My daughters school fete is fast approaching and I was thinking about selling some of my creations there. I have had a look at the safety assesment package online and I thought it was quite reasonably priced however I have come across conflicting information and have read that these packs do not cover you if you wish to sell your soaps, so I am looking for an answer as to whether a safety assesment package bought online is suitable for me to use when selling my soaps. Thank you

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    Without looking at the one mentioned I would say yes as what is the point of selling them ... I know with the pre prepared ones you have to use exactly as they say and have no deviations from the method (if included). The safety assessment is just to ensure that you are selling a product which isn't going to harm anyone, the accompanying pif you create also makes sure that you can trace all of your ingredients just incase something does go wrong along the way


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      I would pm Jane from Just Soaps (Greannancrafts) she runs a successful business making the most fantastic soaps and more, is fully legal and nothing she does not now about soap making. I know the assessment process is not easy and until checked would not rush into paying from the site you mentioned. You want to get it right and right first time, plus make sure your pli covers you for soap selling as this can cause far more damage than a pillow. I assume you are registered with the HMRC as self employed as they do spot checks on exhibitors at school events and craft fairs.


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        Thanks Caroline - "blush"

        The safety assessment covers a lot more than just a list of ingredients, especially after July 2013 when the new regs come into force.

        I am not sure which assessment site you have been looking at but I would be very wary of getting one from a site that forces you to only use their ingredients.

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          Ah, thank you very much for all of your replies, like I said I have been floating around here for a while and you are all always so kind to newbies. The package I was looking at allows the sale of ingrediants purchased from bathbombbiz only, I could pay more for a better package but with the small amount I have planned this wouldn't be necessary. I plan on donating all of the money raised to the school so I will have to look into HMRC rules some more. Thank you again


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            As far as HMRC go, if this event is a one-off, and you have no plans for any other sales, or made any other sales previously, you can probably, with a clear conscience, sell your products at the school fair if you give the entire proceeds to the school, as it appears you have a hobby and are merely giving away some of the products of that hobby to the school for them to sell.

            That, at least, is what I was given to understand by HMRC 18 mo ago.

            However, your situation is inevitably different to everyone else's, and regulations have changed a little since then, so I strongly advise you to phone HMRC and speak to them about your own individual situation. This applies even more strongly if you have any doubt or queries at all, and if you think you might want to sell again for the school, sell some in order to reclaim some of your expenses, or are thinking of further sales elsewhere at some other time, you must phone them for advice.

            They are generally very helpful and pleased that you are calling them, instead of them having to chase you somewhere down the line.


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              Thats a very good idea, thank you, I shall do that


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                I must say, I am a little bit put off using bathbombbiz now as I sent them an email a few days ago and they haven't responded. If this is a sign to come then I may look elsewhere for my supplies.


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