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  • Youtube videos cold process tutorials

    This is more of a rant and i suppose a little warning for newbies setting into the world of cold process soap making.

    This really annoys the hell out of me, why are there so many people on youtube doing tutorials on how to make
    cold process soap and they have no safety gear on!!! this is really sending out a bad message to newbies trying to do their

    Also some of them say 'oh yeh you need to wear gloves, mask, goggles, etc..' but in saying that they aint wearing anything themselves during the videos.

    It worries me that newbies will not take safety precautions because they never seen their tutorial host wearing any.

    Am i alone in thinking this is silly behavior for youtube tutorials or do others get annoyed by it as well?

    just baffles me

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    Funnily enough I watched a couple earlier on today and although they both had rubber gloves on, only one was wearing goggles and neither of them was wearing a face mask, which got me wondering if a face mask was actually necessary. When I made soap years ago I did wear a face mask to avoid inhalation of the lye fumes and I fully intend to do it again but then I'm a worrier. I would be interested to know just how rigidly other soap makers do stick to the safety guidelines or do some see it as an unnecessary precaution once they become experienced?


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      I honestly think it is better to be safe than sorry.
      On another forum i am a member of i read a story not so long ago of a soap maker who didn't wear goggles.
      She was tracing with her stick blender and she got a bit of soap splashed in her eye. Burnt skin, burnt eye.

      But yeh i too would also like to know if there are any other soap makers on here who don't use safety gear and their reasons why (out of curiosity)


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        I ear gloves until pouring the batter into the mould as I find them too cumbersome (big yellow marigolds). I ALWAYS wear googles and if making a big batch, then it's a lot of lye and I also use a face mask. I get the occasional lye splashes on my arms, but I;ve never, thankfully had proper burns.

        I never ever soap if it is just ne & my young son in the house, hubby has to be in, and that includes when M is in bed (he could get up and come into the kitchen at a critical point). Lye is just not something you get slack about. But then I', a worrier too



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          I wear safety specs, marigolds and always ensure I have long sleeves on as well as covered feet but have never bothered with a mask of any description. I guess I first started making soap following a course at soap kitchen and did what they advised. Take your point about the internet through, it's not just PPE, there are loads of dodgy recipes out there too