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just had my first seize!

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  • just had my first seize!

    so i was making a rose geranium soap just now. i'd made one before but decided to try mixing the EO with clays to colour the soap. so at light trace i separated my mix into two and added the EO with white clay to one and EO with pink clay to the other, i stirred both and they had obviously thickened up quite a bit so i put my white mix in quickly, then went back to add my pink mix on top and it was almost solid! i'd heard about this happening but had managed to avoid it so far. so in a panic i googled what to do next, then heated my pink mix over a pan until it was soft enough to scoop into the mould. i read that it won't look as nice, but i guess i'll see tomorrow if it's acceptable to sell.

    does anyone have any pictures of soap they have done this with? it'd be great to have an idea of what to expect tomorrow!