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Revised safety assessments July 2013

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  • Revised safety assessments July 2013

    I thought I would advise all those who have existing assessments via Cosmetic Safety Assessments to have a good look at the lists of ingredients allowed in their revised assessments which come into effect in July. They are all available to view on their website.

    I've had a good look and one example I've found is that in my existing assessment for Melt and Pour soap the use of sugar (sucrose) is allowed. However in the revised assessment it's not listed and if I want to continue using it after July this year I'll have to apply to get it added, possibly at extra cost.

    I'm sorry if I'm telling people to suck eggs but for other newbies like me it's good to be forewarned, especially if people use specific ingredients in products which sell well for them.

    I would add on the positive side that Cosmetic Safety Assessments will be letting those with existing assessments have the revised ones free of charge, from May, which I think is wonderful.
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    I am just going through my CP assessment now, and there are a couple of ingredients I would like to add, which they said they will be happy to do around june but they don't want to add anything new for now because they have too much work on with the changes and everything.


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      This has been known about since 2009 - so any good assessor would have forewarned their clients.

      I just hope the general public are aware of these changes - it is going to cost the cosmetic industry millions - 3000 substances are now banned - It looks like Channel No5 will have to go after July - so if it is one you like stock up now:-)

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        I only bought my assessment six months ago and was not told at the time that things were about to change. I did read about it on here though so did have a little warning. I was also told about it by a chap selling CP soap at the Christmas Craft Fair at Winchester Cathedral. At that time I was worried that I would have to shell out even more money.

        The first I read about it from my assessor was something which was posted on their website a couple of months ago before they put their new assessments on there. They have confirmed on their Facebook page that existing clients will receive the basic new assessments free of charge, sometime in May.

        Fortunately I don't like Chanel No. 5 - it smells like cat widdle on me!
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