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Regulations on where Soap can be made?

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  • Regulations on where Soap can be made?

    Hi All

    Im a new soap crafter and am looking into setting up my own new business in the next few months. I have a question about the rules and regulations about where it is considered ok to produce soap?

    I will be starting off by making it in my own kitchen. Are there specific rules and regulations on this. Are there certain hygiene rules that need to be complied with. Is it ok to make soap commercially in an area which is also used for food preparation?

    Any help you can give, or point me in the right direction of where I can research this further would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks


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    Hi. I remember looking at this some time ago. If you are selling just to family and friends then you do not need to comply with any regulations but once you start to sell commercially then you will need your product and manufacturing assessing by an authorised body. However...I do seem to recall that you can buy "generic assessment packages" that cover certain products and this will then cover you (as long as you follow the correct procedure, etc).

    Look up "cosmetic safety assessment packages" on Google. Costs are usually around £100-£150+
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      As far as I know, the best value assessments are available from Cosmetic Safety Assessments Ltd. although their new assessments which comply with the new regs coming into force in July this year are more expensive than the one I bought.

      I know that they supply other businesses, like Bathbombbiz, with assessments as well.


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        That wasn't the question. The question was can the soap be made in a domestic kitchen?

        I usually jump in, in my unthinking chatty way, to then get told by the soap experts "No, you've got it all wrong again, Annie " so I was trying to keep my mouth shut.......but.......I'm fidgetting about on my seat wanting to say......
        when I bought some soap off Sheila of Absolutely Soap her soapy stuff was on a counter in her kitchen in which she boiled a kettle and made me a lovely cup of tea. When I was negtiating to buy snail slime cream soaps from a lovely lady in Chile, she was making it in her kitchen, which my DIL reported back was ultra clean.
        Doesn't prove anything, does it but I feel so much better .

        Hang on in there. Jane or one of the other soapymiesters will spot this thread soon and put us all straight.


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          Most small soap makers start in their kitchen - including us.

          As part of your assessment you have to do your GMP (good manufacturing process) statement - which should include things like - long hair to be tied up covered - no pets/children etc

          So, yes you can make soaps in your kitchen - but keep pets/children out of the way


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            Hi Annie and Jane

            Thank you..yes you were right, the first two replies didn't answer my question. It is a relief to know that as long as good GMP is followed (I found a copy of one on the Cosmetics Safety Assessments website) all will be ok. That is a great relief!!

            Thanks again for your help!



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              I make my melt and pour soaps in the kitchen and my other half makes the bath bombs in the spare bedroom!