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Well that's a bit of a bummer - lip balms

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  • Well that's a bit of a bummer - lip balms

    Found this pdf online for making lip balms and glosses

    Set myself 3 easy-ish recipes to try out (Just for fun)

    One of them is:
    2 tspns Petroleum Jelly
    1 tspn Bees wax
    2 to 3 bits of Jolly Ranchers hard candy sweets (i'm eating them now they are so delish, but really for this recipe)

    Problem i'm having is, and i half expected this to happen, but even when melting the sweets along with the petroleum and bees wax the sweets just go into
    a yucky sticky gloopy mess

    Half thinking i'm best to melt the petroleum and beeswax on its own. Crush a sweet or two into like a powder form, let the petroleum and bees wax mix cool a little so not to melt the sweets and add the crushed sweets in. Would that even work?

    I'm thinking this is a recipe i will not do again even though it sounded cool in the first place!!