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Got a really good book today...

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  • Got a really good book today...

    ..That i think would be good for newbies to Cold Process soap making, like me who is fairly new to cold process soap, liquid soap etc..

    Its called

    Natural Soap by Melinda Coss and ISBN:978-1-84773-854-7
    (I bought in store but looks to be cheaper online)

    It has a lot of good recipes for cold process making, liquid soap making, body creams, bath creamers. a little bit about legislation (Although i do believe its changing in July 2013), also SAP value chart, lists of oils/ butters etc.. INCI names.

    Really does look like a good book and worth the £8.99 i spent on it in Waterstones.

    Anyone else read this book? Would be good to hear other peoples reviews on this book, and also any other good books that might be of help to me and others who LOVE soap making

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    Hi SuzySoaping,

    I happen to have the Natural Soap book in my library. It is a very nicely written book, indeed. Does not go to much into details, but says what a beginner needs to hear in a nice and compact way. There is also a handful of very good soap recipes, which I like and have already tried some!

    For other books - on my blog, I try to update book reviews (where I try to make a difference between advanced and beginner - friendly books), and recently I have to update with loads of new books, but you can have a look.

    I have at home at least 15 soapmaking books and I must say it is difficult for me to choose only one, but I think Melinda Coss is a good choice for beginner (funny, this one I did not reviewed on my blog yet).

    It seems now it is for £7.19 at your online shop and it looks the delivery is for free... It is definitely worth the money even if you pay £15 for it!
    Long live your bar of soap!
    My blog:


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      Melinda is the Queen of Handmade Soap

      Many a small business has started because of her books

      Her courses are brilliant too - I can recommend

      Twitter JUSTSOAPS
      Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soaps and Skincare free from SLS, Parabens, and other Nasties


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        Evik - Thank you for sharing your blog, i've actually been looking for a person who does reviews on soap making books

        The only book library i have in my flat is generally fiction, non fiction, creative writing etc.. (I studied creative writing at college and graduated)

        Keep the reviews coming though, as it will save newbies time and money buying books that won't be of much help or are too over whelming

        Greannancrafts - Think i'm gonna invest in more of Melinda Coss books, she really does seem to know her stuff. Certainly cleared up a few confusions i had about cold process soap.

        What i would love to find though is something that tells you how to make natural soaps that are pet friendly. I have 2 ferret girls Daisy and Buttercup. Although ferrets have natural oils in their skin and you are not supposed to bath them too much (once every 2 or 3 weeks in enough) It would be nice to be able to make something that i can pamper them with


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          One thing i have noticed in the book it doesn't actually mention anything about cooling and temps for cold process soap. I'm not sure if its ok to not cool your ingredients and still have a nice bar as i've always waited till my lye water and butters have cooled before mixing and tracing!!


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            It is an excellent book. I got it out of my library recently after having made a few batches already and the instructions are very clear and accessible.