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    I am very new to the forum and new to soap making etc. I already have my own established business but I am looking to adding homemade items to my stock (All current items are brought in) I love handmade soaps and candle and I am looking at introducing my own lines not sure where to start. Does anyone have any advice? I know there are a lot of rule and regulations and the products will need to be certified but I am a bit hazy on the details.

    Thank you


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    Welcome to the forum and to the whacky world of soap

    What specific advice are you looking for??

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      Hi Suzanne, welcome to the CF!

      There was an excellent post the other day by longtime member AnnieAnna that hopefully may be useful to you - you can read it here -

      All those official sites can certainly be a bit intimidating, but they ARE the official word, which is always good to have. I think her post also gives you a good general plan of action.

      I always like to recommend that people make good use of their public library, and find books on soap making (and candle) making. You'll need to sort of steep yourself in everything, ponder it all, mull it over, cogitate on it all, and then write down your favorite ideas.

      Also, it's beneficial and fun to look at all sorts of successful soap sites. It helps you keep up your excitement, enthusiasm, and interest.

      Soap making is a lot of fun. Cold process soap making is my recommendation for you.

      My advice is to peruse all the UK official sites slowly, taking notes, but to keep your momentum going, keep looking at fun supplier sites and established soap businesses.

      I'm also really impressed with another member's blog for new entrepreneurs -

      Since you have an established biz already, you may well know all this, but anyway, it's worth looking at, IMHO.

      I just LOVE looking through these sites -

      Bramble Berry
      From Nature With Love
      Mountain Rose Herbs
      Indigo Wild
      Ponte Vedra
      Tom's of Maine
      Burt's Bees

      But of course, they're all sites over here in the US. Still, they're great fun to spend time in...just wandering around.