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  • Newbie advice needed.

    Hi everyone, my names amanda. I'm new to this and wondered if you could give me a little advice?

    i am wanting to set up a buisness selling bath bombs, soap, lip balms and candles.

    do any of you know what I need to do to set up this buissness? I.e people I need to inform, certificates I may need.

    Ive done a lot of searching on the Internet and can't find anything to help.


    amanda. Xx

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    Hi welcome to the forum sorry can't help with info on bath bomb business but would guess that you do need certificates to prove they are not harmful. You would also need to register with HMRC as self employed and it is advisable to have product and public liability insurance. HTh im sure some one in the same business will be along shortly with some more detailed info for you.


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      Hello, and welcome,

      advice about setting up a business is tricky, though my initial advice is:

      - Decide whether you are going to be a sole trader, partnership, or a limited company: each has a different set of requirements, tax implications, responsibilities, and benefiits/drawbacks.
      - You will need to let HMRC know that you are running a business.
      - Find an accountant.
      - Keep records of penny you spend/receive.

      Best of luck,

      ~~The old ways are the future~~


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        Hi and welcome to the forum. Can't help with specifics for your product lines but there is lots of really useful general info in the business section of this forum and in particular the setting up a business section which can be found here

        Your local trading standards office should be help with legal requirements and HMRC are really helpful too, just give them a call and they will talk you through the basics.


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          Hi Amanda,
          being a sole trader is the easiest thing to decide to be. Look at partnerships and limited companies and what they entail but I would put them in a box for the future if you ever get 'big'.
          Have you made bath bombs etc and tried them out on your family? Your friends? Tell HMRC when you are gearing yourself up to sell. From what you are saying, that doesn't seem to be yet.
          Yes, your products come under the heading of cosmetics and need certificates of safety. Be prepared to spend out money there.
          Then you'll want insurance.
          And buisiness cards, lables, adverts, a website........

          Where to start? I'd do one thing at a time and I would make your safety certificates a priority.

          So the EU 'rules' are on the web in blow your mind form and here in plainish English:

          The soapy folk on here have given some really good suggestions of who to go to to sort yourself out.
          At the top right hand of this page is a search box. If you put a key words in it, it brings up threads that have discussed what you are looking for. I'd start with 'soap' ,'safety' and 'certificates'. That'll probably give you the leads for bath bombs and lip salve. Candles have different rules.

          A website to bookmark is
          Keep going back to check on rules.

          Cosmetic safety stuff starts here and wanders off through other links.

          For the business aspect check this but it's a bit airy fairyland and doesn't match up with the harshness of my real world so I would skip to this

          When you are ready to sell, jump to here, to tell the taxman

          For insurance, do a search on this forum. One size definately does not fit all. You need to find an insurance package that fits your pocket and circumstances.

          Lenny and I disagree on the to have an accountant or not to have an accountant thing. I say you can't afford it at first and it's good for your delusions to do it yourself but we agree whole hearatedly on keeping the books.
          If you don't do anything else do write down what you are spending and keep the receipts. Or (the icing on the cake) use a computer program and add in what you sell as well.
          After you register with the tax man you should get invited to a nice seminar where they tell you about tax allowable expenses. It's a good idea to jump the gun and find out about them so you can record them in your 'book' before you forget or bin the documentation by mistake. (Let me take a minute to stamp and spit feathers, the govenment has ditched a really good website - businesslink - and made a new one that's "Arghhhhhhh!" ) I can get you to here then instead of having the allowances all on one page like they used to they've chopped them all up.
          Oh! I've had a brainwave. Try the HMRC website. There you go . Much more sensible. Just remember a lot of it isn't relavant to you. Buying a hard hat is for brickies not soap makers.

          So, one step at a time and off you go.


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            Thank you for all your advice :-) it has been very helpful :-) xx