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Can anyone help with colour in solid body butters and lipbalms pls?

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  • Can anyone help with colour in solid body butters and lipbalms pls?

    Hi everyone i'm new to the forum

    I've been having trouble with solid body butters and lip balms.

    How do you actually colour these?

    1) My solid body butters are basically shea butter and cocoa butter which i melt and mix together then add colour, mix in and leave to set
    in molds. But once they are hard, the colour ALWAYS seems to have floated to the bottom and not evenly throughout the bar.

    Also 2) Same problem with lip balms. I use beeswax and sweet almond oil and have little pots i add the mix too. But again the colour floats
    to the bottom. It's so annoying. I've used Vaseline which works fantastic. But with these other ones; just isn't happening for me

    I've tried both liquid colour and mica but neither seem to work

    Any ideas? Advice? Pls

    Thanks in advance
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    Hi Suzysoaping,

    what kind of liquid color do you use? Is it soluble in oils or in water? The second one I expect to settle to the bottom, because oil and water do separate.

    Micas might float to bottom, I think that what can help is to stir the color until the oils/butters are less liquid and then stir them again as the butters cool down in the molds.

    But the best is to use oil-based / oil-soluble color, mix it with oils in the beginning and then make your body butter / lip balm as usual.
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