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What's the best 100% natural base cream?

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  • What's the best 100% natural base cream?

    Hello, I am looking for a "Natural" base cream to make my own aromatherapy (essential oil) face moisturisers.
    I want to make a range of 4 creams in total.

    But - it's very hard to find really pure, 100% natural base creams.
    Has anyone found a truly (or maybe just the most) natural base cream that's available to buy in the UK?
    In my view to be truly natural it should be - Paraban free, have no EDTA, no synthetic fragrances or colours and be citified animal free suitable for vegans.

    I need to find a bulk supplier that would fit my natural brief.
    Maybe someone out there could make me one?
    Any pointers?


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    Rather than buying something pre-made, why don't you try making it all yourself? Then you could get it just the way you want it!


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      Not sure...

      I just thought that someone may have made something that I could use as my 100% natural base cream - I thought it would be easier to just buy the base cream - if I could find the right one - or even have it made. You are very right the best solution would be to mix our own, I wanna go that way eventually.


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        You won't be able to get a purely 100% natural base cream as effective preservatives aren't natural, that said have a look at somewhere like Aromatics or Amphora aromatics to get you started


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          Thanks for the pointers - I'll check out what's available on those sites.

          Thanks again.


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            talking of preservatives:
            You simply won't find a cream that contains water and has no preservatives!
            Every single formulation that contains water will have preservatives
            If you want to go completely preservative free, go for face oils and hydrosol/hydrolats.

            Ref fragrance:
            Most people think they are allergic to fragrace, however study show that most skin irritations are caused by preservatives.
            Also, there is a wide choce of allergen-free fragrance options on the current market