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Help with bath bombs please!!!

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  • Help with bath bombs please!!!

    Hi everyone!

    I wondered if someone could point me in the right direction...

    Tonight I dabbled with making my own bath bomb... And initially I was really pleased with the result... Then it went downhill rapidly.

    I only mixed a small amount of ingredients, as a trial run, put it in the mould, waited a bit and popped it out (then ran into the other room with it to show my boyfriend my incredible tiny bath bomb... He wasn't as pleased as me) but, and I should probably mention that they were Christmas pudding style, brown base with a white top, I tried to put the holly topper in before it set too much and it just crumbled... I don't know if the mix was too dry?! Not sure how I can combat this, short of putting the topper in the mould so it is already in the bath bomb... Or should I take the bomb out sooner? Im using a small mini unfinished silicone tray. Any advice here?

    My other iss
    Ue was that when I put the poor little broken bomb into some water to see if it actually fizzed, which it did, the water went a really icky brown! I used water soluble powder dye for the brown of the pudding, and although the bomb was a light Browne, the water was not. I am not sure if this is because I only used a bit of water, or if I used the wrong or too much dye?

    Can anyone tell me how much or what kind of dye they used in their bath bombs?

    I am going to tryagain tomorrow, tweaking the method... But any help would be greatly appreciated.