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  • Organic

    please forgive my stupidness

    are all Essential oils organic?

    also what do you use to colour your organic soap?

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    No not all essentail oils are Orgainic, check with your supplier.

    I only use natural colourants in my soap. For example if i was making orange soap, i would add orange zest to give the colour.

    However you can always use the basic colours, green, red etc... But if you want to make a soap that is 100% orgainic try using natural colourants, and not the cheap bog standard ones.

    Any more questions please ask....


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      Ah now theres a question. Organic or Natural.
      As astleysoapco says you could use orange zest but you would have to find organicaly grown oranges for the soap to be called organic.
      The other ingrediants would all have to be organicaly grown too. On the other hand Natural ingrediants don't always have to be organic.
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        no not all essential oils are organic you can buy them separately but they will cost you a lot more.

        essential oils however are natural.

        if you want to go the organic route then you need to source organic materials for colouring like alkanet, indigo, but trying to find organic source for them is like looking for a needle in a haystack,

        I would personally keep them uncoloured.

        if go down the natural route, then you can use all essential oils and there are lots of herbs and spices that will give you natural colour like the two mentioned above plus lots more like paprika,


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          I have to use orgainc fruits etc.. because there are strict guidlines for this. If you just use an normal orange that isnt orgainc then this needs to be washed.