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    ok I've been making M&P soap for a long time as a hobby and now I have been asked to supply it for someone to sell.

    I know I need to get it certified and have safety certificates. I believe I also need to keep PiF files. can someone please explain what it needs to contain and do I need a different Pif file for every different type <fragrance> of soap?

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    The best way to keep a PIF file (Product Information File) is on a spreadsheet.

    Enter the following columns- Date, Batch Number (if needed), Soap Base, Quantity, Colour, Quantity, Fragrance, Quantity, Butter/Oil, Quantity, Botanical, Quantity, Other, Method (such as melt and pour, cold process etc), Product Name.

    Just keep the same file for all your soaps, I have a different file for bath bombs, another for body scrubs, bath salts, and another for 'other' products

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      you also need your msds certificates for all your products, ie every fragrance oil, you soap base your colours and of course your final product msds

      you also need room to put in any customer complaints,

      you need the batch number of every product where you got it from and when.

      so in the event of a problem you can see what ingredient was used where it came from and when you got it.


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        thought i would clear this up when you say quantity do you meen percentage or weight?


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          It can be either depending on your safety certificates I go by weight with mine, because my soaps ingredients are measured in weight. I do cold process rather than melt and pour.

          you also need the supplier and batch number of your ingredients that are used.