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  • Labelling help needed

    Hi all, I'm a newbie here and I need some help on labelling soaps.

    My question is, do you print your own labels with any kind of software at home or do you order it from somewhere else?

    If you use a software can you tell me which and how can I obtain it, please?

    Many thanks

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    Hi Adriana

    Welcome to the forum.

    We print all our labels in house, it does work out a lot less expensive than getting them printed, and it is easier to make any tweaks to them.

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      You should be able to use any word processing software to create the labels. You will then have to print to A4 labels sheets. Check you software first to see if you can align to pre-cut labels, if not you will have to cut the sheets and then try and peel them off the backing.

      The other alternative is to invest in a dedicated label printer. I use a Brother P-touch QL-500 machine for labels on framed pictures and for addresses, and it can take different width and length labels. The big advantage is you can print single labels, like an address label. These are not cheap, but are well worth considering for the incredible flexibility they offer. For current machines look at You will need to check the net or eBay for best prices.

      On eBay you can obtain secondhand machines and discontinued machines, which are worth considering as they are a thermal printer with very few moving parts, just make sure it is working and has the software and cable if conecting to a computer. You can also print emblems and bar codes using these printers.

      The thermal paper rolls are not the cheapest, but there is no ink to smudge and the adhesive is stronger than ordinary paper labels from Avery (which are the strongest adhesive of all the brands I have tried).

      These label machines are so good I have considered buying a second one for my home computer.



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        I have to agree with Roger here.

        I have a Brother P-Touch QL-560 and it's so simple to use and no hassle.

        The only thing it doesn't do is print colours, but I didn't buy it to print colours it's just so simple and easy to use ( probably even easier than getting your current printer set up to print label sheets


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          Thank you

          Thanks for all of your replies.
          After a bit of research I also decided to buy the QL560. I'm sure it will do what I need
          Shame on the colour bit but will do all the rest I need and is pretty cheap on eBay.
          Thanks for the welcoming in this forum.



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            Thank you for letting us know that you decided to buy a Brother P-touch QL560, you will not be disappointed.

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              I'm printing my own labels at home. I've got 2 printers, both ink and laser, so it works better, faster and cheaper for me.
              Help other people and peolpe will help you.


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                Didn't know about that. Just done it for all.
                Thanks for letting me know.