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Paperwork in soap selling

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  • Paperwork in soap selling

    I have recently started making soaps and toiletries and would like to sell them at craft fairs etc. I am aware that I need to get the products safety assessed and certified, but am strugling with what I need to record. Would there be anyone able to give me some advice and possible templates or methods you use.

    Many Thanks!!!!

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    The way you write out the details for your assessment would depend very much on which products and what your assessor requires... They should be able to tell you the type of format they want...

    Basically you'll need either the ingredients of any pre bought base plus any additives such as fragrance or colour etc you might wish to use with every single one of them listed individually and the rate at which you'd want to use them - ie Fragrance Oil 2% or Essential Oils 1% or whatever the original manufacturer recommends for their base product... If it's not included you can't use it without having to go back to your assessor and get the assessment re jigged...

    If you're making from scratch you'll need your ingredients and the base recipe you'll be using plus, as above, any variable additives you'll be wanting to add and the rates.

    For both pre bought and from scratch, you'll need to outline the steps of the manufacturing process from the weighing of ingredients to the end product, the packaging and the labelling that will be used...

    My assessor also asks for samples of each product - which I'm ok with as it covers them too but not every assessor asks for this...

    Once you've got your Assessment - you'll need a PIF or Product Information File...

    For myself, I put a copy of the assessment in the front and then just work out a number of columns on a page which is enough to cover the ingredients, their batch numbers, the supplier, the date you make the product and the batch number you put on the finished label. I also have a column for the date I ordered the relevant ingredient just so I can keep a tab on shelf life and turnover of what I buy in etc...

    Each time you make a new batch of the product you'll need to record all of that information for the ingredients with a new batch number...

    The aim is that if someone returned a product or claimed a problem with it then every ingredient of that product is immediately traceable together with the date you made it etc - all trackable back from the batch number you put on the label through your PIF file.

    That PIF file has to be accurate and up to date - Trading Standards can ask to see it at any time they see fit.

    Hope this helps...
    The Soap Cellar


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      Yes thank you so much for that it has been really helpful. I shall get this passed on to my mum. I know she has got in contact with an assessor so we are waiting to hear back with what he requires.


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        Originally posted by Comforts & Candles View Post

        That PIF file has to be accurate and up to date - Trading Standards can ask to see it at any time they see fit.

        Hope this helps...
        They have to give you 3 days notice to see pif files,
        you might also want to print off or obtain a copy of the msds data for every product you use, especially fragrant oils it will help with the allergens that you have to state on the labels.


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          oops double post