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Selling purchased soap

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  • Selling purchased soap

    Appologies if this has been asked before but if I buy ,say ,buy a loaf of soap ready made,can I resell it? I am making up gift baskets to sell at a christmas fair bur after reading some posts I am now wondering if I will be allowed to do this.

    Any help would be grateful

    Thank You

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    It will depend on whether the safety assessments have been carried out and whether you can have access to the relevant information MSDS and other technical information. Product Information Files which comprise of all this information are required if your selling and Trading Standards can ask to see these to ensure compliance.

    Hope this helps



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      Thank you Belinda ,yes that really helps.


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        what willow said the soaps etc will have to be certified and you would need a copy of the certificate to resell.
        If you are cutting the log yourself you will need trade approved scales, as you have to determine the weight as well
        Trading standards are very good at advising contact your local office


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          The easiest route all around would be to ask your supplier to cut and wrap (if M&P) your soap for you if they won't charge much for the service... That'll eliminate the need for the correct scales - mine cost £300...

          So long as you verify the supplier has got the correct certification and the ingredient label is correctly written with the original manufacturer's post code on it then you're ok to put your own details on a separate product label...

          The less fiddle factor at your end the less likelihood of the soap having been altered from that which is covered under the supplier's assessment...

          If you think of it - you can buy something from Boots or M&S to put in a basket - so long as you don't alter the actual product in any way and ensure the ingredient label with manufacturer's code are still in situ... It's the same if you buy from someone who makes their own hand crafted soap or body products as we have to comply with the same regulations as the 'big boys' in actually making and labelling the end product...

          Much nicer to go with buying in the hand crafted option if you can though I think... But then I'm biased
          The Soap Cellar


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            Thanks for the reply Anne-Marie

            I do agree with you about the hand crafted soaps they are wonderful

            Thanks again


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              I think once you have tried handmade hand crafted soaps you never go back to normal shop bought " beauty bars" again.

              you realise how harsh they actually are.