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Have any of you tried making cosmetics?

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  • Have any of you tried making cosmetics?

    I found a recipe for a natural face scrub made out of wheat, honey and milk and thought about trying my luck in creating face scrubs as well. I've only dealt with natural soaps so far, so keep your fingers crossed for me.
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    dead sea cosmetics

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    making cosmetics

    Hi I am new to the forum I write for a magazine call "Simply Beautiful" I write how to make cosmetic recipes everything from body lotions to serums and lip pumpers
    so if i can help with any queries i will



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      I think that recipe really very nice for you i give here this is a great cosmetic to make at home for tired and aching muscles. It is great to rub on tired feet, aching backs and even necks 500 ml sweet oil, 12,5 ml hydrous lanolin, 12,5 ml wheatgerm oil, 12,5 ml dried lavender flowers, 12,5 ml dried rosemary, 12,5 ml calendula flowers, and Blend the oils. Steep the dried herbs in a bottle containing the oils. Shake well daily. Keep out of direct sunlight, but keep in a warm place for 3 make nice recipe and you will can use so really good result and thanks for sharing.


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        that sounds lovely and unusual too will definatly have a go at making that in the week


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          I am very much thankfull to you to post the recipe of this type of product.I am suffering of backache since last year.I have tried almost all the products recommended to mr.let me try this too...........may be this may help me to get rid of my backache.
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            I did a great course with aromantic in London. I learnt how to make creams, shampoos, bubble bath, gels lip balms, bath melts. It was great fun and I took home loads of goodies. I had a fab time. They also sell the recipes if you can't go to the course