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    Hi All,

    Can anyone help me? I am new to CP Soap making and was wondering if anyone had a formula (or any other way) of calculating how much essential oil is require in a 1kg batch of soap.

    I have looked at some recipies on the web and am finding that each one varies as to the amount of essential oil that is used.

    I would be most grateful for some help on this one.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You shouldn't put any more than 1% of essential oils in any product, this doesn't include the ones like clove or cinnamon that can irritate the skin, they shouldn't be used above 0.05%, With essential oils less is more,
    Edited to add 0.5oz per pound is the norm for eo.
    again not the irritant ones for fragrant oils you could use up to an 1oz per pound.
    I tend to use 0.5% eo and 0.7% fo or cp soap per pound.

    kg is 2.2 lbs there for for essential oils, you would need, just over an 1oz
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      Thanks for that I will try to relate that to some recipies.