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  • lotion bars

    made my first lotion bars, they came out really well and I am very pleased with them . but still having trouble with the shower gel, have re- melted it and diluted it with more water added glycerine, and it is still very thick maybe will give up on that batch use it in the bath and start afresh

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    Congratulations on the lotion bars!! Good luck with the gel!!

    Okay, I am going to say something really wild. Go easy on the glycerin. It is an old fashioned remedy for wart removal, so too much might be very irritating to the skin.

    No, seriously...this is true. We actually used to put glycerin on warts on our horses' muzzles when they would get one or two. It was very effective!

    I think people used to mix it with vinegar for wart removal on humans. And i think that it's what is in bandaid style wart removal treatments that are OTC.

    I told you it was wild... =)


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      I didn't know that. I seems odd that we eat both. glycerin in icing and vinegar in lots of things, although i do use vinegar a lot for cleaning LOl


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        I doubt you've put enough glycerin into your gel to be irritating but thought I would mention it in case you ever needed to know it during a game of Trivial Pursuit. =)