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Hell has a special place for liquid soap

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  • Hell has a special place for liquid soap

    Dear crafters,
    I'm sitting smugly in my workshop with the heavenly scent of hundreds of curing soaps wafting over me. What I'm really doing (smugness dented) is avoiding the big pot of liquid soap taffy cooking away downstairs.
    I am actually frightened of it. It's my second-ever batch. My first one was an unmitigated disaster. I ended up with 14 assorted jam jars of what looked like dehydrated urine with an oil slick on top. It had a bit of a kick to it too! I don't think I cooked it for long enough.
    Whilst I like Catherine Failor's book inasmuch as it talks a good game, I'm left with the following questions. Can anyone help?

    1) How do you test your diluted soap for neutrality? I have heard of phenolphthalein solutions but can't seem to find a UK supplier. How do I make sure that my product is completely saft for use? I'll admit I'm unnerved by the urine/oil slick combo above.

    2) What legislation do I need to comply with before my end-product is ready for sale? Obviously, I'll need the same cosmetic safety assessment as for cold-process but is there anything else?

    3) Can anyone recommend any other good liquid soap learning resources (no offence, Catherine)?

    Thank you in advance!