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URGENT! Help needed with liquid soap making

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  • URGENT! Help needed with liquid soap making

    I've just tried my hand at liquid soap making and OMG when I added the lye its bubbled up like hell, over flowed the pot and just keeps growing and growing. I've taken it out in the garden for now but what the heck happened? Is it supposed to happen?!
    Please help QUICKLY

    recipe is

    Coconut oil (76 degree) 113.6g
    Palm kernel oil 113.6g
    Lard 16 ounces 227.2g
    Distilled water 363.52g
    Lye—potassium hydroxide 115.531g

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    whoops, I don't know where you got your recipe from, but looks like you may have omitted an important ingredient?

    No, we have never had a problem - pm me for more info

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      I got it from the idiots guide to soap making XD


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        The full instructions (including all the errors in the book!) are

        Basic Household and Laundry Soap
        You’ll love this all-around soap and find new uses for it all the time. This recipe yields
        1 gallon (128 ounces; 3,628.8 grams; 3.78 liters).
        Here’s what to put in SoapCalc—remember to adjust the Type of Lye used, Weight
        of Oils, Water as % of Oils, and Super Fat % categories as instructed earlier in this
        Weight of Oils 32 ounces (908.8 grams)
        Water as % of Oils 80
        Super Fat % –13
        Fragrance Oz per Lb (See the later “Scenting Your Household and
        Laundry Soap” section.)
        Coconut oil (76 degree) 8 ounces (226.7 grams) (25%)
        Palm kernel oil 8 ounces (226.8 grams) (25%)
        Lard 16 ounces (276 grams) (50%)
        Distilled water (for lye) 25.6 ounces (725.7 grams)
        Lye—potassium hydroxide 8.1 ounces (230.7 grams)
        Distilled water 64 ounces (1,814.4 grams)
        (for dilution and borax)
        Borax 2.5 ounces (70.9 grams)
        Fragrance oil (if desired) 1.5 to 3 ounces (42.5 to 85.0 grams)
        (This is added after the cook and dilution.)
        For more cleaning power, you can increase the borax. We’ve increased the borax to
        as much as 8 ounces. But a word of warning: if you plan to use the soap to mop your
        floors and you have pets, don’t increase the borax to more than 3 ounces. It may cause
        irritation to your pet’s feet. If your pet is chewing on its feet, decrease amount of
        borax. And always rinse the floors after mopping with this soap.
        Always put on your gloves and safety glasses before you begin.
        1. Place the plastic pitcher on the scale, and push the tare button to zero out the
        weight of the pitcher. Weigh the coconut oil in the pitcher and pour into the
        2. Weight the palm kernel oil and pour into the pot.
        3. Set the pot of oils over medium-low heat. If you’re using a candy thermometer,
        attach it to the side of the pan now.
        4. While the oil is heating, put the plastic bowl on the scale and zero out the
        weight of the bowl. Weigh the potassium hydroxide in the bowl. Set aside.
        5. Place a pitcher on the scale, zero out the weight of the pitcher, and weigh the
        distilled water. Set aside.
        6. Check the temperature of the oils. When the oil
        has reached 160°F (71°C), it’s time to mix the
        lye and water. Slowly add the lye to the pitcher
        of water and stir. You will hear a “swoosh” as the
        lye dissolves in the water. Stir the mixture until
        all the lye has dissolved. Do not put your face
        close to the pitcher. The vapor from the lye can
        burn your eyes and lungs.
        7. Keeping the pot on the burner still set on medium-low, slowly pour the lye/
        water mixture into the batch of oils. Using an immersion blender, blend until
        the oils and water come together. Bring the mixture to a thick trace by blending
        for a few minutes and then stopping for a few minutes. Be patient; bringing the
        mixture to a thick trace takes some time—sometimes up to 45 minutes! When it
        reaches thick trace, it will look like very thick pudding.
        8. Remove the blender and set it aside when the soap has become too thick to stir.
        Remove the pot from the heat and let it sit on the counter while the soap continues
        to harden into a paste. This can take up to 30 minutes.
        9. While you’re waiting for the soap to
        form a hard paste, preheat the oven
        to 200°F (93°C). When the soap has
        reached the hard paste stage, cover the
        pot with the lid or aluminum foil, and
        put the pot in the oven for 4 hours or
        until the paste is transparent. (Remove a
        little bit of paste and spread it out over a
        piece of paper or a plate to test this. Not
        all paste will be completely transparent.)
        10. Place the plastic bowl on the scale, zero out the weight, and weigh the borax. Set
        11. Place the pitcher on the scale, zero out the weight, and weigh 4 ounces distilled
        water. Pour the water into a stainless-steel pan and add the borax. Stir, and place
        on the stove over medium heat. Bring to a boil and continue a simmering boil
        until the borax is completely dissolved.
        12. Weigh the rest of your water in the pitcher on the scale, and pour it into another
        pan. Set over high heat, bring to a boil, and add it to the soap paste.
        13. Slowly pour the borax mixture into the paste,
        put the lid back on, set the diluted mixture over
        medium heat, and let it all melt down. Keep a
        close watch on this because it might boil over, or
        you can put the burner on low and check on it
        every 30 minutes.
        14. When the soap is completely melted, remove
        it from heat. Let it cool down in the pot for at
        least an hour. The sides of the pot should feel
        only slightly warm to the touch.
        15. Add the fragrance, if desired, and stir to thoroughly combine. When the soap
        has completely cooled, pour it into your plastic bottles.


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          What can I say? never made anything like it?


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            Well that was certainly helpful


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              I did send you a lengthy pm - the recipe you quoted was a recipe for disaster:-(

              I am sure some one with far more experience tha me will come along soon

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                I've only got a PM from you saying what you think was missing and the one after saying thank god I'm not selling :\


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                  I did send you a pm stating what was missing, without that ingredient you will have an unsuccessful liquid soap:-(

                  I only make 50 gallons+ a week, like I said,someone with more experience may come along soon.

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                  Natural Handmade Olive Oil Soaps and Skincare free from SLS, Parabens, and other Nasties


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                    Ok thank you. Do you by any chance know of any recipes for laundry soap? I've seen plenty for shower gels, hand liquid soap shampoo etc but none for laundry


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                      I've just ordered Catherine Failors Liquid soap book from amazon. I hope this helps me

                      ETA: Damn, it's another American book. The UK sucks
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                        Sorry I can't help you there as I don't make liquid soap. I do know if you add water to lye rather than the other way round it boils up dangerously. I hope you didn't injure yourself, I know I would have been in deep shock! Hope you find what you are looking for.