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  • Distilled water question


    Where do soap makers buy distilled water. It's expensive to buy over the net. Can I buy it from Boots? Also is deionised water the same as distilled water?

    Can rain water be used if boiled?

    Would it be worth buy a water distilling machine - seen one for under £150, anyone invested in one yet?

    Sorry for all the questions!


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    Distilled is the best, deionized is next best - they are diff processes, but both remove ions that can cause problems in soap making - interact with the chemical processes going on. Hmmm, rainwater - i have used it, but get it bottled for drinking.

    Can't you all get distilled water at the grocery store? Gosh, shipping costs would be horrendous. A gallon weighs about what...6 pounds?? Dunno.

    Well at the grocery store here, I can buy a gallon of distilled water for 79¢. That's pretty cheap. I imagine it is even cheaper over there??


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      Thanks Susan,

      So I can use deionised water and it's safe? The soap is going to be sold - just want it to be safe. I have looked everywhere for distilled water and can't find it, seems like it's easier in the US. UK its harder to get


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        Well, I don't know what the EU regulations might say - whether or not they specify distilled or deionized, or allow rainwater...etc. So check into that with your TS rep. Maybe some UK soapers will chime in and tell what they know.

        Hey, you could always build yourself a little still!!


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          Assuming we are talking CP soap?

          Many soapers use good old tap water - it is safe enough to drink after all,

          We use bottled spring water as we have a lovely spring 2 villages away - there really is no need to go buyin/producing distilled, deionised water.

          TS will not be bothered about which water you use.


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            Tap water, though potable, can contain impurities, and chlorine...these things may or may not affect your soap. A lot depends on the oils you're using and their carbon tails. Wish I still had that Scientific Soap Making book - it explained it all beautifully, if a little tediously. I am now going to Amazon and hit the "submit order" button. I have been wanting to get it for a month now!

            Well water can be highly mineralized and hard...or it can be soft. Rain water can be really should use demineralized or purified or distilled, but you may be perfectly happy with tap. But why not go with the best/safest ingredients you can!

            Does the EU require y'all to state whether you used tap or distilled, etc.?

            Oh yeah, the book stated that impurities in the water can contribute to dreaded orange spots! Interesting!

            You could run some tap water through a Britta filter.


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              I am thinking about getting a water distilling machine, being based in London I am concerned that the water is not ideal for soap,I have been using purified water for my tester batches and now need to get something more permanent and cheaper in the long run. The bottles I currently buy are £1.99 each for around 5 litres.


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                Both tap and bottled water contain minerals which cause insoluble salts with the sodium hydroxide regardless of it being potable or not. Glass distilled water is the holy grail but for soap making deionised water is fine (this is what is used in labs). Deionised water is available from supermarkets (ironing section), car maintenance shops (battery section) or aquatic shops (marine fish section)


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                  I use tap water. Once you have made test batches you will know whether your local tap water is OK or not. Our local water is very soft and has very few minerals and I have never had a problem.



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                    Hi everyone, I use good bottled spring water as our local water is too hard. I have also used de ionised water from Halfords.


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                      I should add this would be still spring water, not sparkling!


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                        I don't know how they'd measure up price-wise, but it might be worth looking at aquatics stockists for spe******t water treatment things. I know you can get a de-ioniser for tanks, and I'd imagine that you can get distillers in some shape or form.

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                          You could always get a Brita water filter jug as this should remove most impurities. They are available at most large supermarkets or from Robert Dyas



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                            I would say your cheapest option would be to use boiled tap water and a little chelating agent to your product such as Tetrasodium EDTA. If you use tap water it will be perfectly safe for selling, the biggest risk to using tap water in general is the risk of microbiological contamination but due to the very limited amount of available water in soap the risk of micro growth is very very low.


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                              We use bottled water to keep consistency of our soaps as our tap water seems to change depending on what time of day it is! We wouldn't add Tetrasodium EDTA though.