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What did I do wrong??

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  • What did I do wrong??

    I am hoping someone can give me some advice. Over the last few days I have made three batches of bath bombs, all exactly the same, one was perfect but the other two collasped.....why has that happened its never happened before.
    Really hope somebody can give me some advice.

    Thank you for reading and hopefully replying
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    It's likely to be the amount of liquid...if you are using water and a spritz bottle, it's almost impossible to say that the batches are exactly the same...

    Can you describe the 'collapsing'? Is it powdery and simply fallen into a 'dusty' mess....or has it appeared to have 'melted'? I'm trying hard to find descriptive words for the things I've had happen so sorry if I'm not seeming clear...

    What is the recipe you're using - specifically the ratio of Sodium to Citric?

    The other thing that people rarely consider is the weather....was it wet on the days when the bombs worked (or didn't work)...sodium is a moisture sponge and can absorb moisture in wet or humid weather...

    Storage...if the batch you made that worked, was made did you store the rest of your mixture?

    Fragrance/Essential Oils...I have a couple of Essential Oils and fragrances that are particularly difficult when used in Bath Bombs...I often have to adjust my mix according to how the fragrance affects the bombs...

    Hopefully some of the above will give you a starting point for finding out the reason for the Collapsing
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