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Do I need separate certification when just re-moulding soap to sell?

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  • Do I need separate certification when just re-moulding soap to sell?

    Hi there,

    I have had a look around the forum but not managed to find an answer to my specific question, which is as follows...
    If I am buying soap, which I just melt and set in moulds (thus just re-shaping the soap) do I need any separate certification?
    I am not looking to get into the business of soap making, but bought some loaves of soap when I first started my business and just want to sell them in more interesting shapes than just plain cut slices.
    Anyone know if this is ok to do?
    I will be wrapping them in cellophane and putting approximate weight and full ingredients on the packet.
    Cheers for any help.

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    I'd love an answer to this too as I reform commercial soap.

    I did find out that soap for laundry does not seem to have the same regulations as soap for cosmetic use.....or maybe Lever brother et al are ignoring the rules - but that doesn't help you.


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      I'm glad I am not the only one AnnieAnna.
      I am guessing that as I am not adding anything to the actual soap, just reforming it that it shouldn't be a problem...but it is always better to know for sure isn't it.


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        Try sending a pm to Just Soaps, what Jane does not know about soap making is not worth printing.


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          Thanks Caroline, I have messaged her and pass on what she tells me.


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            Hi Ethereal

            Thanks for your PM.

            This is my take: The safety assessment not only looks at the formula, but at manufacturing process.

            If you rebatch commercial soap you are are altering the structure?

            Let's imagine something went wrong and one of your customers had a reaction to the soap? Who's insurance would be liable? Yours or the initial manufacturer?

            I would talk to your local TSD, but personally I would get an assessment done especially if selling, I doubt whether you would get insurance without it?

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              I agree with Jane...I actually posted something similar earlier today but the site gobbled up my post and I couldn't be bothered to rewrite it..

              Unless you (or a cosmetic chemist) know and understand exactly what chemical reaction occurs when you've reheated the soap, you really have no way of knowing how the chemical composition might have altered. I couldn't get insurance when I first wanted to start a business doing the sort of thing you're proposing as the insurer deemed that "any alteration to the original product (apart from basic wrapping and packaging) is a manufacturing process in and of itself"...

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                Thanks Jane and HTH for your replies.
                I think I will probably just bin, give away to friends/family or use myself what I have and not get any more.
                The soap in question is a melt and pour soap, with the same ingredients as the plain melt and pour soap the company sells (checked the ingredients list) but with essential oils and colour added, so I imagine it would be ok (I will certainly be happy to use it...though it might take a while to get but it is just not worth the risk of not getting certification (or the cost of getting it for this one lot).
                I'll chalk that one up to experience I think.
                Cheers again for your help...