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  • legal help?

    Hi I am a university student who wanted to get into making soap, but i found it too expensive just yet so I have bought ingredients to make some lip balms. I am following a recipe from a book I bought and wanted to sell very casually at my local faire and possibly online. I am just confused on all the legal stuff and need some guidance.

    Thanks Fairyann xxx

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    to the forum. Good to see you here.
    God helps them that help themselves.


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      Hi Fairyann

      Im just getting in to selling bath bombs and things. You have to have a cosmetic safety assessment, you have to be competent. There are strict regulations on labelling too. I have been advised to get product and public liability in case someone has a problem with your product. Its all quite scary. If you google cosmetic regulations that will keep you busy for a while. I know sell packages that allow you to sell without getting the safety assessment as long as you dont change any of the ingredients. I cant add the link as Im not a regular enough poster but if you google them you will find their details.

      Good luck whatever you do



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        I'd be surprised if there was a package that allowed you to make and sell without a Safety Assessment - although the package might include a Safety Assessment of some kind...

        I agree it is advisable to have Public and Product liability insurance...if something went wrong and you were sued and had no insurance, I think a claim can be made against any personal possessions - house, car, savings etc...

        The peice of legislation you need to look up is the EU Cosmetics Directive....or give you local Trading Standards Office a ring - they are usually very helpful.

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          Insurance and the safety assessment are linked in that if you don't get your safety assessments (bits of paper to prove you have done it) you will not be insured even if you have paid for the product and public insurance.

          So if a customer drops a lip balm container on her toe and breaks her toe you'll be insured if she sues you, but if she applies your lip balm and her lips swell up like balloons and she sues because she was on her way to a model shoot, you won't be.
          Then think insurance used to cover you for £1million, then it was £3million, I've been asked to show I'm covered for £5 million for the past 6 years. (I don't sell cosmetics, all this put me off.)

          So I think you need to work out how to save a bit of money first, then get your safety assessments and insurance, then try selling.

          It's harsh but it's the EU trying to keep it's citizens safe.


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            Oh wow thanyou all so much for your advice. it all seems pretty daunting for me just yet. Looks like I have bought ingredients to make lip balms for a lifetime supply for me. haha looks like I will have to save to really get into all this. I don't think it is worth getting into so casually.

            Thanks Fairyann